Open Hours
8:30—16:30 Tuesday to Sunday * Closed on Mondays, except holidays
Service Items
  • Free admission tickets are provided to visit the Hangzhou Han Meilin Art Gallery.
  • Courteous Chinese and English language guides are available upon request.
  • Groups and those from travel agencies should make reservations in advance.
  • This art gallery is an activity base for the elementary and middle-school students and runs variety of featured art-experienced activities all year

    long. Those who are interested in this, please make reservations beforehand.
  • Wheel chairs, walking sticks, child vehicles and other facilities are all available for free.
  • Some of emergency medicine and other items are all available here. If need them, please contact information desk.
  • Animals, explosive, flammable and dangerous items, those under influence of alcohol or improperly dressed are not allowed.
  • Minors must be accompanied by parents. Senior citizens, mobility-impaired persons, and those suffering from diseases should ensure their

    personal safety while visiting.
  • Provide travel information of Hangzhou to visitors.
  • Any suggestions or complaints would be appreciated.
  • No.3, Taoyuan Mountain, West Lake District, Hangzhou (in the Hangzhou Botanical Garden) Postcode: 310013
  • Inquiry & Reserve Tel:0571-87972520
  • Complaint Hotline: 0571-87972023 0571-87179617